• “Sugar and Spice VS. Nothing Nice”

    “Sugar and Spice VS. Nothing Nice”

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  • “White Collar” Boxers Fight To End Cancer

    “White Collar” Boxers Fight To End Cancer

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  • Elegant Dining With The Old Mill Inn and Spas

    Elegant Dining With The Old Mill Inn and Spas

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  • Train And Fight With Kingsway Boxing

    Train And Fight With Kingsway Boxing

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  • Special Ring Presentors

    Special Ring Presentors

    You will be in the presence of some of the most prestigious figures the sport of boxing has be graced...

About Event


Proceeds Benefit The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Join us for the much anticipated 3rd Annual Fight To End Cancer Fundraiser, Saturday May 31st, 2014. Fight To End Cancer is a Gala which hosts an elegant gourmet dinner, various entertainers, along with Olympic style boxing, including local business leaders and celebrity bouts. This is an event like no other and has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in Toronto.

Thank you to those who joined Kingsway Boxing along with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation in the Fight To End Cancer, raising over $100,000.00 since our 2012 inaugural event. We can't thank you enough for making what started as a vision into a reality that has touched so many. It is through support such as event tickets, sponsorship and direct donations that we help make dreams possible. Read More

Stay tuned for details for our 2014 FTEC Gala. Don't wait, get your tickets now. Help us Fight to End Cancer!

Important Links

Event Details

The Event Date:
Saturday May 31, 2014

Reception: 5:00 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm
Pre-Show: 7:15 pm
Main Entertainment: 8:00 pm

The Venue:
Old Mill Inn

21 Old Mill Road
Toronto | ON | M8X 1G5

The Tickets:

Buy Your Early Bird Tickets

(Only Until Feb 28, 2014)
Single Ticket $200 (reg. $225.00)
Floor Table $2000.00
Second Row Table $2400.00
Front Row Table $2700.00

Prime Box Seating $12,000.00
Only One Box Available. Includes:

- 3 Front Row Tables -
- Unlimited Wine and Beer To All Guests -
- Company Fight Sponsorship -
- 1 Page Event Program Ad -


Upcoming Events

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